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BiologicTx Specialty, a member of the BioMatrix family of companies, is a committed provider of specialty medications and personalized services. We can help ease the administrative burden on your practice by providing support to your patients. We act in concert with your medical team to provide a consistent stream of information and clinical services. In doing so, we provide hope and a better quality of life to the patient.


As soon as the patient receives services, they will feel as if they have their own personalized care system in place. Our pharmacy experts will answer their questions, and assist in providing exemplary services and the best medications available.


  • Specialty Pharmacy Enrollment Forms
  • Individual Patient Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Specialty Pharmacy Medication Guide


  • Prescription Refills and Supply Orders
  • Education on Insurance and Payments
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Privacy Protection
  • Pharmacy Locator


We provide pharmacy and nursing services out of any one of our four locations. Our primary locations are in the New York and Los Angeles Metro Regions.