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Advanced Clinical Care for Hepatitis C Patients


In late 2013, the hepatitis C market saw the introduction of advanced medications in treating patient populations. Since then, thousands have been successfully treated by working in conjunction with their healthcare providers and maintaining medication compliance. This compliance is realized not only through patient adherence to their medication regimen but also through patient management by a high-touch specialty pharmacy.


Studies have shown that patients who utilize a specialty pharmacy for dispensing medications and overall hepatitis C disease management showed significantly higher adherence rates over patients who received their medications from a retail pharmacy (78.1% adherence rates for specialty pharmacy vs. 69.5% for retail pharmacy).1 With more and more hepatitis C patients diagnosed each year, it is more important than ever to make sure these patients are treated with the right medications and backed up by a specialty pharmacy with the ability to help them remain adherent to their medication regimen.


At BiologicTx, we understand the role specialty pharmacy plays in maintaining the health of hepatitis C patients. We have developed a unique high-touch clinical model, backed by our highly trained and specialized nurses, pharmacists, and support staff, that ensures patient adherence. Your patients will be educated on all of the medications they’ve been prescribed, along with all dosing instructions and possible adverse events, and will be monitored throughout their treatment through regular pharmacy interactions and refill reminder calls.


Additional services provided by BiologicTx™ include:

  • Expert Clinical Authorizations Department skilled in obtaining rapid approval from the patient’s insurance carrier for all therapies prescribed for faster initiation of therapy
  • Highly Trained Clinical Pharmacy Staff to ensure the patient’s care is closely monitored and adjusted as needed
  • Advanced Clinical Software and Analytics Tool, BiologicTx Gastro Total Care, to provide the physician with a rapid method of referral and a global picture of the therapeutic impact and efficacy of the patient’s prescribed treatments
  • Pharmacy and Nursing Staff on call 24/7 for emergency situations


For more information please call: 1-877-567-8087 and ask to speak to someone on our on-call clinical staff.
1 http://www.ajpb.com/journals/ajpb/2013/ajpb_janfeb2013/role-of-pharmacy-channel-in-adherence-to-hepatitis-c-regimens#sthash.yvTNChuU.dpuf