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At BiologicTx, we understand the role specialty pharmacy plays in maintaining the health of Hepatitis C patients.  In light of this, we have developed the first dedicated gastroenterology department for the management of Hepatitis C, designed to provide the patient with the best possible clinical outcomes.  Lead by our specialized pharmacists, this unique high-touch clinical model is accomplished through patient education, and is backed by our highly trained hepatology-specialized nurses, pharmacists, and support staff.


The core of the Hepatitis C program is compliance and adherence monitoring.  Through a well-designed communication protocol and personalized operations, our patients are assured the best opportunity for a successful treatment.  Patients will be educated on all of the medications they’ve been prescribed, along with dosing instructions and possible adverse events, and will be monited throughout their treatment through regular pharmacy interactions and refill reminder calls.  In addition, physicians and payers can be sure that patients are adhering to their prescribed therapy and helping to minimize overall healthcare cost.


We offer patients a co-pay assistance program to help with their out of pocket medication expenses.  Our co-pay assistance program is designed to decrease the financial burden for each patient, ensuring quick and straight access for their medications.


Highlights of our Hepatitis C patient services include:


  • First specialty pharmacy with team dedicated to gastroenterology
  • Individualized approach to patient care
  • Complete patient educational materials shipped with each prescription
  • Compliance and adherence program tailored to each patients specific needs
  • Clinical pharmacist support and consultation
  • Assistance with all insurance issues, including verification of benefits and prior authorization
  • Co-pay and patient assistance program
  • Patient assistance programs through our non-profit partners
  • Advanced clinical software and analytics tool to provide the physician with a global picture of the therapeutic impact and efficacy of the patient’s prescribed treatments
  • Refill reminders and wellness checks tailored to specific disease and therapy
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Patient care coordinators help with scheduling, deliveries, refills, and all administrative issues