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BiologicTx Specialty Hematology Services

Bleeding disorders do not discriminate.  They affect men, women, and children from infancy throughout adulthood.  According to The American Society of Hematology, the two most common bleeding disorders include hemophilia and von Willebrand disease.  Hemophilia is a rare inherited disease primarily affecting newborn males; von Willebrand disease is a more commonly diagnosed inherited disease and is equally prevalent in the male and female population.   Although these bleeding disorders are complex conditions, with proper caregiver education, they do not have to become an obstacle to having a full and active life.


BiologicTx Specialty™, headquartered in Totowa, NJ, is a nationally accredited provider of home care and pharmacy services for people living with a bleeding disorder.* Our dedicated team understands more than the clinical side of dispensing on a monthly basis, we recognize the difficulty of what it truly means to have a bleeding disorder and are with our patients and their family members every step of the way.


Personalized, high quality patient care is the foundation of our commitment to the hemophilia and von Willebrand community. At BiologicTx Specialty, our dedicated team provide the following services:


  • Pharmacists & Nursing Staff:
    • Have access to a wide range of product concentrations in all assay ranges
    • Provide oral medications for the treatment of chronic diseases
    • Factor assay management
    • Provide experienced, registered nurses specializing in hemophilia care for pediatrics, adolescents, and adult patients
    • Knowledgeable in the care of central lines and ports
    • Dedicated personal clinical staff – same pharmacist and nurse for each patient
    • Therapy management – refill reminders, delivery arrangements, etc.
    • Full range of specialty medications and ancillary supplies
    • Drug recall management
    • Consultation services
    • Education and educational tools
    • 24/7 On-call nursing and pharmacy services for emergency product/assay needs


  • Reimbursement Staff:
    • Insurance verification and benefit management
    • Assist in obtaining insurance approvals and co-payment assistance, including Medicare and Medicaid
    • Financial assistance programs


To ensure the highest level of patient care, we have developed BiologicTx Sequence – a web-based, HIPAA-compliant, therapeutic data management and analytics program that combines drug therapy interventions, administered by BiologicTx, with in-home nursing notes and patient specific data. The results provide the healthcare provider with a global picture of the therapeutic impact and efficacy of prescribed medications, along with lab data, graphs, stratification, and data mining capabilities.


At BiologicTx Specialty, we strive to establish a close, personal relationship with our patients and have a true commitment to the hemophilia community. With BiologicTx Specialty as your provider, there truly is a difference.


To learn more about BiologicTx Specialty™ hemophilia services, contact us at 877-567-8087.


* ACHC Accredited – Infusion Pharmacy and Nursing, Totowa NJ Location.  URAC Accreditation In Process