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BiologicTx Specialty Hematology

Living with a bleeding disorder can be challenging.


At BiologicTx Specialty, our focus is on making life easier for patient and family. In addition to top-notch pharmacy and reimbursement services, BiologicTx Specialty offers a team of uniquely experienced, compassionate care coordinators.


Our care coordinators are dedicated to providing personalized services by customizing patient care to meet individual needs. Doing so results in increased treatment adherence as patients are less burdened by their often complex or demanding treatment regimens.


Our coordinators understand that different stages of life require different types of support. At BiologicTx Specialty, we are committed to personalizing patient care.


We are with you every step of the way!




Extensive bleeding disorder knowledge and experience:

  • On-call pharmacists available 24/7
  • Comprehensive line of factor products
  • Advanced oral medications available
  • Customized list of ancillaries for each patient
  • 24 hour standard delivery
  • Coordination of home nursing services for port, central line, and peripheral infusions



  • Friendly, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to coordinating insurance benefits and obtaining timely authorization for required services
  • Agreements with major insurance providers
  • Access to Patient Assistance Programs for financial support of co-pays and deductibles



  • Financial and in-kind support for community based bleeding disorder programs
  • Assistance in identifying commercial insurance carriers that meet your individual needs
  • Quarterly newsletter to enrich and empower patients and families
  • Bilingual services available



  • Uniquely experienced Regional Care Coordinators and Patient Care Specialists
  • Coordination of prescription and supply orders
  • Connection to local and national support services
  • Identification of resources and local networks for peer-based support
  • School and employment in-service presentations