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BiologicTx Specialty Immunology


To refer your patients to BiologicTx Specialty for services and medications, please download the appropriate referral form below:


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At BiologicTx, our experience in managing Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases (PIDD) runs deep. Our highly qualified clinical staff have serviced thousands of patients and assisted in the clinical trial that brought the first subcutaneous Ig to market in the United States. Our approach to therapy is to support you in designing a treatment plan that coincides with the following national standard goals:


  • Preventing infection
  • Improving quality of life
  • Avoiding complications of therapy
  • Ensuring communication between patients and their medical advisor
  • Encouraging patients to participate in disease management
  • Preventing long-term organ damage
  • Prolonging the patient’s life


We offer all treatment options that include the use

of Ig including:


  • Privigen
  • Gammagard liquid
  • Flebogamma
  • Octagam
  • Hizentra
  • Gamunex – C
  • HyQvia
  • Gammaked
  • Gammaplex


BiologicTx Services Include:


Highly Trained Clinical Pharmacy Staff: Ensures the patient’s care plan is closely monitored and adjusted as needed.


Experienced Nursing Staff: Patient training and/or nursing visits that provide safe, in-home administration of Ig. Our nurses offer weekly and/or monthly visits and will stay with the patient throughout the entire treatment.


Expert Authorizations Department: Obtain approval from the patient’s insurance carrier to provide in-home therapy. Remove financial barriers by providing access to manufacturer co-pay assistance programs when available.


For more information please call: 1-877-567-8087 and ask to speak to someone on our on-call clinical staff.