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BiologicTx Specialty™ Parenteral Nutrition

For the Physician

BiologicTx Specialty™, a division of BiologicTx®, has created the Parenteral Nutrition division to provide TPN home infusion therapies with a more efficient approach. This will enable faster turnaround times post hospital discharge.  This process provides an improved overall patient experience than what is currently offered today.


At BiologicTx Specialty™, we not only have the capability to fill patient TPN prescriptions, we are able to customize the formulations for each patient, improving the quality of their life.  Our state of the art clean rooms have been built to surpass the rigorous layout standards of clean room design.  All TPN components are purchased directly through reputable manufacturers, national wholesalers, and distributors. These components are tracked by lot number for easy reporting during possible times of recall.  To ensure that your patients are receiving the best products available, BiologicTx Specialty™ has implemented the following additional safety features:


Pinnacle™ TPN Management System:  Streamlines all functional areas of operation and manages all aspects of the TPN process for improved compounding efficiency and safety by:

  • Reducing transcription errors and expediting patient care through direct electronic communication from pharmacy computer system to Pinnacle compounder
  • Helping to reduce medication errors by using barcoded verification and patient prescriptions
  • Implementing automatic quality assurance checks throughout the TPN process
  • Decreasing risk of touch contamination with preassembled dispensing sets
  • Providing a detailed report of each bag compounded for components, volume, weight, etc.
  • Performing calcium/phosphate stability check
  • Simplifying the TPN process by electronically programing the compounder, minimizing the possibility of manual programming errors


BiologicTx Specialty™ is Compliant with all USP 797 Requirements:

  • Aseptic Technique Validation and Media Fill Test conducted annually by all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Surface and Air Sampling is conducted every 6 months by an independent contractor
  • Beyond-use dating strictly followed
  • Each TPN is compounded for each individual patient per specific physician orders.  At no time does BiologicTx Specialty™ mass-produce any part of the TPN.
  • End product testing performed on the TPN Compounding System


Laboratory Monitoring and Nursing Services: 


At times, TPN prescribing and monitoring can become very complicated and time consuming for the prescribing physician and office staff.  At BiologicTx Specialty™, we have designed programs, protocol, and IT infrastructure to create a more efficient process.


BiologicTx Sequence™ is a therapeutic data management and analytics program, created by BiologicTx®, that enables physicians to access detailed clinical information on the therapeutics administered to patients.  Through a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted web-based log in, physicians and staff can obtain the following information:

  • Patients’ latest labs results
  • Latest TPN formula
  • Latest nursing and pharmacy notes and a summary of the latest visit


24/7 on call coverage with emergency nursing visits available


Weekly/bi-weekly lab draws with results reported within 24 hours


Registered nurses, experienced in proper TPN administration


Evening/weekend visits available


Ease of Referral: 

  • We offer hospital to home coordination
  • Same day delivery and nurse visit upon discharge
  • Full team of intake experts skilled in quick insurance authorization



BiologicTx Specialty™, a division of BiologicTx®, has created the specialty division to provide high cost and complicated home infusion therapies through a more efficient process that will enable quicker turnaround times post hospital discharge. This provides a better overall experience than what is currently offered today.  We offer personal, one-on-one services that will make your transition from hospital to home effortless.  BiologicTx Specialty™ provides:


  • In home nursing services on the day you are discharged from the hospital
  • The nurse will provide your physician with a full evaluation and instructions on medication administration on the day of your discharge
  • Physician ordered blood work that is reported within 24-48 hours
  • 24/7 on call coverage
  • Weekly/bi-Weekly nursing visits
  • Weekly communication with pharmacy, physician, and staff
  • Delivery of additional medication and supplies around your schedule
  • Individual care plans and continued monitoring


If you are a patient that requires Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), we thank you for choosing BiologicTx Specialty™.  Our staff is committed to making your transition from hospital to home therapy as comfortable and convenient as possible.